Every year more than 1.3 million foreign workers are screened by fomema, after introducing the online portal by Fomema registration get easier at home and foreign workers can easily be screened with the nearby clinic who is a participant of the Fomema Panel.

In 2018 I have published a YouTube video where I have discussed that how you can be registered for Fomema Online Portal & the response was awesome. In late 2019 Fomema & Immigration of Malaysia gives access to the public to check recent successful test results at the Immigration eServices Portal, previously your Test Result can be only for 6 months at Fomema Website but now we have access to at least 10 years of test results at Immigration Services Portal.

How to Check Your Result

  1. Enter your passport # in the input below;
  2. and select your Nationality from the dropdown list as shown in the image below;
  3. Click the Search/Carian button to get the result.

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