Foreign nationals who wish to become employed in Malaysia will have to get a Malaysian Work Permit PLKS for Temporary Employment & EP for Permanent Employment. The term “work Permit/Visa” encompasses the entire process of obtaining authorization to work in Malaysia, ie. getting a Malaysia work permit. 

There are different types of Malaysian work permits based on the profession and duration of work. Here you can check your Temporary Employment Work Permit, To check you must have your Employer Registration # or Employer MYKAD (Identification Card). If you have the required information follow the steps below.


Check Malaysia Work Permit using your Employer MYKAD

  1. Input 12 digit MYKAD number and click Carian (search). Note: make sure all other inputs are blank.

Check Malaysia Work Permit Using Company Registration Number (ROC)

  1. Input the No. Pendaftaran Syarikat (Business Regisration Number) .
  2. Click Carian (Search)

Check Malaysia Work Permit Using Application Number

  1. Application number Starts with “BPA/XXX” you can find the application number on the Acknowledgement Receipt.
  2. Input the Application Number in Nombor Permohonan and press Carian (search). note: make sure that all other inputs are blank.

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